Puppy Training and Socializing During the First Week

The first night of puppy training is usually difficult for everyone involved. Puppies are not wild animals and they prefer to be confined in a small place, so it is up to you to provide a safe environment. This first night at home with your new dog is going to be a lonely one for you. It is important that you plan to have someone be available to walk the puppy on the first night and to bring him outdoors for relief. The first night is going to be crucial to the success of the puppy training you are about to initiate. You must get all members of the family ready and involved. This is because each and every one of you will be involved in some way with the puppy.

First, put a collar on your puppy for the first time and let him walk around the house with it. He will get used to the collar and will probably get used to wearing it. You can then put a lead on him and let him lead you around the house. After a while he will get used to the leash. Don’t turn out to be overwhelmed by the thought that you have a puppy that is going to be growing very soon. 1 ultra paws durable boots Just like a human baby a puppy is a creature that is going to be growing and changing all the time.

The puppy is going to be emotionally affected when they first get home with their new family. They are going to get scared and have a hard time settling down. It is extremely important that you do not allow them to sleepuddled up on your furniture. You should immediately put them either on the floor or into a puppy pen. This is going to be a tough adjustment period for them, but it is all part of the learning process.

With a puppy you have to be extremely flexible and expect the unexpected. Just like a baby, they are just learning what is expected of them. For the first week you will have to try to set a schedule for the puppy. This is going to involve keeping them on a schedule for feeding and walking. Don’t forget that you still have to allow for your puppy to have accidents. Adidog chihuahua They are just starting to learn how to control their bladders. A routine is the key to setting a schedule for your puppy so that they get used to it. It is extremely important that you maintain a routine so that the puppy’s learn to go outside in the designated area for pottying. Like all other learning, you have to repeat whatever you have taught them. If you allow them to sneak off and potty without reflecting that it is unacceptable, you are setting them up for a failure which will be difficult to correct.

Like potty training a child you must be consistent with the commands you use and the rules you set. Children learn much quicker and easier with repetitive teaching. When potty training your puppy, you want to set up a routine. Puppies learn best with repetition. Set up feeding and watering routines. Repeat your puppy’s bedtime and start your puppy’s crate time. Repeat these procedures until they have become routine for your puppy. Adidog dog hoodie This will help the puppy be prepared for bedtime and the crate.

The transition from having a regular routine to one that has all these added factors may cause your puppy to whine at first. Their first question would be, “Why am I being punished?” If you respond to your puppy’s whining with anger or by hitting them you will confuse them. hit them hard but not too hard and you will find that your puppy will grow to be very respectful of your family and cease all of their whining.

Puppies that have been physically or emotionally abused may cry or whine for a long time before they become quiet and settled. Their hardest fear is being alone. Most of the time a puppy will whine or cry because they need to use the bathroom. Have patience and praise your puppy for using the bathroom outside. This is also a good time to reward your puppy for using the bathroom outside every time. Take them outside and let them know that they are being good. They will begin to understand and be more willful.

Shots are a very important part of training. You should have several shots put back in them for their first year, especially the first few. The vet can administer these shots for you. When the puppy is around nine or ten weeks old you may want to start getting them their first set of shots. Do not start administering them at once; they have to wait to get the full set of shots. If you plan to have your puppy dog around for a few years you will need to get them their first set of shots and put them on a schedule to get them started on the right schedule.

Now that you understand the basics you need to learn how to prevent a puppy dog from biting. The best way to do this is to prevent the puppy from biting or from doing anything that could be harmful to them.

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