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Track Your Order

Additional information

The order status page is a new feature and still being developed. Below, you'll find some information about the state of the feature and our plans to increase its capabilities soon.

Supported shipping carriers

At this time, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Canada Post are the only shipping carriers that fully support the new order status page.

The order status page for shipments made through supported carriers include the shipping map that updates in real time.

Unsupported carriers

The order status page does not yet fully support any shipping carriers other than USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and Canada Post. However, you should still update your email templates and continue to add tracking numbers to your order fulfillments so that your customers receive an order status URL.

On the order status page, orders made through unsupported carriers still display a tracking number that links to the shipping carrier's website where your customers can get more information about the status of their order.

Unlike supported carriers, the order status will not be displayed, and the pin on the map will not update in real time.

Orders with multiple shipments or carriers (partial fulfillments)

The order status page supports partial fulfillments, or orders that you fulfill with multiple shipments. Shopify will create a second order status block with the tracking number and content on the order status page.

We support partial fulfillments, even if they were made through different shipping carriers.

Add a note or message

As part of the changes to the Additional scripts box's functionality, you can add content boxes to your checkout's order status page using a JavaScript object.

If you follow our guide, you only need to know some HTML to add content, such as a note or message, to your order status page.

Customer privacy

Although the link to the order status page seems like a publicly accessible URL, your customers' shipping addresses are safe, and not visible to anyone else.

When someone accesses an order status page from a different device than the one used to complete the checkout, there is a login requirement to secure the customer's information. To access the page, your customer needs two credentials:

  • the order's number (which they can retrieve in their emails), and
  • the email address used to complete the checkout.

Translate your order status page

You have the same control over the language used on your order status page that you do over the rest of your Shopify store. If you've translated your entire theme language, then your order status page will already be in your chosen language.

You can also translate your messaging line by line if the default text doesn't fit your branding. For example, the first line of the order status page which reads "Thank you, John", could be translated to "Thanks, John!".