Dog Psychology 101: Understand How Your Dog Thinks – You Control Your Dog

If you want to train your dog to perform obedience, the basics, sit down stand stay etc or you want to get rid of undesirable behaviors, having a basic understanding of the background in dogs and their inherent traits will help you.

Much of this understanding can be gained from observing and studying wolves.

Wolves are considered by many to be man’s best friend. They Care for their Young and Make darn sure that they are healthy and happy.

A wolf’s tendency is in fact to keep all three of these areas Delicious for their young.

They are trueuses of their strength and brains to hunt for food and in many cases, education as well.

The wisdom of a wolf comes to light when you look at the world from their perspective.

Cuz ball dog toy Look at for instance the common wolf demeanor:

Patience, calmness, and agreeability; these qualities are innate in the wolf and very true to you.

They are constantly wondering, researching, and Considering. They research their environment and how to best react to it. They investigate and observe.

They are constantly weighing options and considering if one is preferable to another. They evaluate and monitor.

They are constantly trying to best their pack mates and the pack they serve.

Yes, They Also Have A Mind Of Their Own Before There Is A Difference In Treatment.

Yes, They Know What Is Going On In The Pack.

I think that understanding this plays a large part in you gaining a dogs respect. After all, why shouldyour dog trust anyone?

If you want a dog that is easy to train here are a few tips to help you:

You can best achieve this by putting yourself in the dogs position and explaining to the dog what you expect. Things like:

When you understand the context and natural laws of your dog, things will become much easier.

There are laws of classical mechanics that apply to all of us and explain all that we do.

Once you learn how to think like your dog and you see it working in the pack, it will become easier to teach your dog.

The way a dog behaves is as a consequence of his relationship with his pack mates.

Dogs do not think in the same way as humans. They interact with the world and our minds through a different set of psychological and emotional states.

A dog responds to strong, alpha leadership and so you must be the undisputable alpha to earn trust.

When trust weakens or is compromised, so does your dogs behavior.

Dogs are thermalling and shedding their young.

The first and most important point to look for in a dog is whether or not they are grooming themselves correctly.

If the puppy’s eyes are bulging out, there is a good chance that he is not properly groomed.

A cool environment will stress your dog, so do not be surprised to see eyes watering and frantic wagging tails when you take them in the car.

If any of these signs are present, get him to the vets as soon as possible.

A sick or injured dog will be very nervous and may bite or flinch at even the smallest touches.

Chuckit website Restrain your puppy, put him down and walk away a few feet. If he recovers, reward him for his obedience.

Let your puppy have the run of the house for a few hours. Bring him into a calm, controlled environment.

Restrain him at night and when you leave. Do not allow him to follow you.

Praise him when he finally understands your desires.

Do not leave him in the garden if it is not safe because the moment he feels alone, panic can set in.

Make sure there are no small items lying around that he can knock over.

If he is used to vacuum, bring the vacuum along with him.

A cold, wet nose will encourage him to put his nose further in the ground where it will belong.

If your puppy jumps or paws at his ears, he may pull them back in response.

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