Dog Dominance, red flags and how to stop it.

Dog dominance is a general term used to describe the tendency a dog has for his Alpha days to squeeze out his fellow pack members. It is theALPHAand member of the pack that is the most dominant. This means he is the most likely to squabble. It is the duty of the dog owner to show the dog that he is at the bottom of the pack.

Dogs are like the rest of us. They need to have boundaries. One of the main reasons dogs are so much smarter than us, is because they started out with a clear idea of social structure. It is an appealing idea to give the dog the idea that he is the alpha. It gives them something to keep him busy. It tempted him to do things that he otherwise would avoid. But giving him the idea that he is the alpha can lead to an angry, unstable dog.

The dog owner should boundaries train him at an early age. This forms part of his early training. If a dog is allowed, or even encouraged to be dominant, then he is making it very hard for you to take his position as Alpha. It is time to make sure your dog knows his place.

Dogs are like children and other animals. They learn best when they are young. So, if you are going to raise and rule over him, then he needs to be young. Here are a few pointers to doing that.

1. He needs to learn you are the Alpha. You are his Alpha, but he could be thrown into the void. If that happens, he will rule over you for as long as he is Alpha – that is, until someone happens to give him a helping hand.

2. Don’t underestimate his intelligence. Smart dogs will catch on fast. Show him you are the Alpha, but don’t be too loose with your words. He might ignore you, but if you say “I am the Alpha” and you give him a snarl, he will know you mean business.

3. & it is time to get physical. If your dog is wild with energy, walk around your home with him to strengthen your Alpha role. NEVER tie your dog up and expect him to listen to you. He must know you are in charge.

4. The dog knows best. So when you give him a command, go to him. This doesn’t mean he has to listen “just when it wants to.” Even worse, he must obey “all” the time. If you just capture him in the act, he will associate his action with whatever he was doing when you gave the command. And he won’t come to you. Remember, he is supposed to obey you.

5. Even so, he has earned the right to be let out to be his own. Don’t smother him with love and then keep him locked up in a crate or yard all day. Let him go back to his own “den” and let him be on his own for a few minutes. Remember, being your Alpha, he will give you a sign that he wants to step outside his boundaries. He might shy away, or he might insist. Just make sure he knows that you have value to him and you will let him know that through praise and treats. If you let him out in the house, then you are directly interacting with him and reinforcing his dog dominance. Make sure you let him go back to his own “den” and let him be on his own for a few minutes.

A few important things to keep in mind with your dog:

· The instant he starts to pull on the lead, stop. Stop walking. Stopcorrecting him. Do not let him have the freedom of the walk. If you allow him to control the walk, you are telling him, “Good boy, do more!” He is learning that the walk is not a positive experience, but occurs when he wants and needs to do something. No! He is not a walker, he is a dog! There is a difference.

· There will be times when he wants to be outside, but you will make him wait and wait and wait. He will learn a valuable lesson.

It will not happen overnight, but he will get it. It takes patience, but he will get it.

If you are angry, frustrated or short tempered, it is not a good time to train. Do not allow yourself to get frustrated.

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