Canine Care 101: Diet and Nutritional Requirements

grocery store dog foods – how often have you heard of the all natural kibble or the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets? Lately you’ve been seeing advertisement on TV and magazine inviting you to become a ” Beardie baker” for your dog or cat. You might be thinking “BARF? That’s a load of rubbish!” And you’d be right.

But let’s get something straight: the Beardie in question is not a small puppy that you would feed with table scraps or baby foods. He is a medium-sized dog with a fairly typical mid-size torso. The Beardie is a hardy, healthy breed that has enough genes passed on from his ancestors theinalysis and the short-haired foxhound (the latter also being responsible for the beagle’s shedding behavior). The breed is considered by some to be one of the oldest and most important of the European hunter-dogs.

Beardies are very affectionate and loving dogs that can be very good with children and even strangers though it should be noted that the breed is very much territorial. They are highly suspicious of any stranger approaching the home and may consider it a threat to theiruts to their pack and himself. Beagles will run and hide behind their owners when in this protection mode.

The health of a Beagles’ owner should be of great importance to those who own one. Because this breed is a hardy breed, the owner must take extra care to make sure the dog does not fall victim to diseases that are normally seen in other less hardy and FLYER- Dying breeds.

A Beagles’ Owner’s Safety

The only big danger the owner faces is being aware. Beagles love to run and to chase. They are both fast and agile escape artists that are highly skillful in getting out of the arms of their owners. It might be a good idea the use of a harness instead of a loose collar, a restraint that can be pulled over the dog’s head.

Beagles should only be let out of the house if supervised by their owner. This can be a fairly big challenge unless a fairly good-sized fence is set up in the back yard to keep the two dogs separated. There is Adidog dog hoodie to the dog if the fence is too tall, and that the dog can easily dig under the fence in case of emergency.

If you let your Beagles’ run out of the house, you risk them being hit by a car or lifted by an ante-merge vehicle. While the Beagle is small enough to get into the front seat of a car, he becomes a flying projectile in the event of a collision. If the Beagle runs out on to the road, he is another possible target. In all instances, however, dogs should be looked over carefully by the humans in the car.

Beagles normally do not fly up and land on their own, but that is not to say they cannot be misplaced. It is part of the Beagles’ nature to sneak onto their owners’ laps when they are out of the house. Their signature bark can make finding them almost impossible to distinguish from other animals’. Unlike the wolf, they will not accept strangers until given a chance to sniff them out.

Trolling and Digging

Beagles are inherently fairly Hyperactive and tend to explore and roam the yard and other areas of the yard incessantly. This can be a problem, considering that one of the reasons why owners may have a problem with their dog is due to destructive behaviors resulting from separation anxiety. Finding a method to keep the Beagles in the yard may have to involve the use of chicken wire, cement, an idle fence or other methods to cease such actions as digging and roaming. It may be possible to communicate with Beagles through a radio or through whistles.

Separation Anxiety

A Beagle is a pack animal and as such, they are accustomed to socializing with other dogs, most often of the same breed. This can be a problem with a Beagle that is not adequately socialized to other dogs of the same breed and is anxious because of the separation from the other dog. A common problem is that the anxious Beagle will dig in just about anything to find the comfort zone that is missing from its usual routine, and this can be a problem even if there is nothing physically wrong with the Beagle. Using a method that takes advantage of this anxiety is often successful in curbing such behaviors.

Methods that may work for a Beagles with separation anxiety include Yorkshire Terrier training, teaching the Beagle how to adapt to its owner’s absence, and desensitization. While this technique will not help alleviate the anxiety on its own, it will help curb the intensity of the anxiety.

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