Be Careful, That Command May Be Loaded! The Best Ways to Correct Problem Dog Behavior

Barking, chewing, pulling on the leash, jumping on people, these are just a few of the topics that fall under the heading “problem dog behavior”. Although experienced dog owners are familiar with these and other common problems, it is important to understand why dogs exhibit these behaviors. If you understand why a dog behaves in these ways, it is more likely that you won’t mishandle the situation. You may be considering dog ownership, you may just be a new dog owner or you may just wish to change the behavior of your dog. Regardless, you can solve this problem with a few consistent steps.

Most people don’t understand that a dog will do anything to get attention. This is a natural drive that is common to all canines. The truth is that no matter how you try to curb or prevent it, a dog will continue to do it. Therefore, if you don’t wish to spend time in training your dog to not pull on the leash, stop him from barking, or cease your hyperactive dog from chasing after a small non-canine or anything else that he wants, you have to understand and cope with this natural part of his nature.

You may wish to stop your dog’s problem behavior. But Understanding how Adidog amazon behave the way they do is more Understanding than you think. Although dogs cannot speak, they are still animals and are still wild. But even wild animals have rules – including those concerning their behavior. For example, a wolf will have a rules regarding the way that they groom. This, of course, prevents other members of the pack from getting overly territorial.

Similarly, dogs have a rules that regulate how they greet. This, again, prevents other members of the pack from getting overly excited and overly playful. And if your dog jumps or claws, it must be responded to by his owner. If the dog’s owner isn’t firm or consistent with the “No”, “Off” or “Leave it” command, the dog will develop a tightened nervous demeanor that, in turn, causes problems.

So training, along with consistency, is the key to a successful solution.

You may wish to hire a dog trainer. Alternatively, you may wish to investigate different, effective, and humane training methods. Whatever route you take, ensure that you not only are consistent but that you understand the intent of each command. Not only will this make the method easier for you, but it will keep your dog happy and you happy as well.

This article is not meant to suggest that a dog like this should never be walked. In fact, for some breeds, it is recommended that they be walked no less than twice per day. This is largely due to the breeds that are predisposed to, or are elderly dogs that are prone to, hip dysplasia. The good thing is that even the “teaching your dog not to pull on the leash” method requires that you walk your dog, albeit only once or twice per day.

Please note: don’t assume that just because you are going for a walk that you are no longer required to answer nature call. You are still required, for the sake of your dog and yourself, to take your dog for at least one walks per day. If you can make it three or four times per day, that’s even better.

Many folks look at electronic dog collars and decide that’s the best way to go. On the surface, that is; however, if you are not consistent with the use of the e-collar and you allow your dog to run free, your dog is not going to learn that it is not the way to get to where he wants to go. You must be very disciplined.

Somebody to Keep Your Eyes On:

You have to be very watchful of your dog and you cannot leave him out of the house. You cannot leave your dog in the yard and expect him not to roam. If you do this, your dog is going to be in danger. A dog will exit a fence one way or the other. He may escape the yard and then once out of it, you will not be certain of his safety.

If you don’t have a fence, then you need to own a dog trainer. There are dog trainers just as there are dogcatchers. Dog trainers will come to your home and help you train your dog not to leave your property.

It’s the same thing with a cat trainer. You need to be able to cope with the fact that your cat sometimes gets out and may kill or terrify your beloved dog. It’s a matter of dealing with the two alternatively of trying to prevent the disasters which it may cause.

If you have a cat matching the dog’s size or temperament, you may have to find a solution to this as well.

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