Are Youtan’s Golden Retriever Really a Breed?

Golden Retrievers and Tan’s separately and distinctly different but definitely related breeds are frequently confused. When you cross them both you get a Golden Retriever, right? Sure he is Golden but so are you and it is highly unlikely that you actually called him a Golden Retriever. This bred to name the dog a Golden Retriever but it is technically incorrect. Don’t let it confuse you, he’s still a Golden Retriever. Incidentally there are other varieties of Goldie’s that exist so you need to learn about them if you don’t want to get tired of asking the same question.

Dog shirts The English Golden Retriever is a breed and not a mix. They have similar features as the American Goldie but English Golden’s are physically stockier and there are noticeable differences. An English Golden Retriever has medium brown eyes with a wider Field ofement and the fur around the eyes is shorter and straighter. The ears and the muzzle are also different. The American Golden has pointed ears that angle back; this makes them look like they are swimming when swimming. They have a muzzle with a wide jaw that is square to look at. Their coats are lighter in color and come in a wide variety of colors from a bright, golden brown to a sophisticated reddish brown.

The English Golden Retriever’s personality is often arrogant, haughty, and suspicious. While this sounds particularly useful when understanding Golden Retriever history it is also extremely accurate. This is a breed that was bred to be a hunting dog and was required to be so in order to properly retrieve the game. They were bred to know the particular scent of the particular bird that was to be found and they were required to track it down. This takes a certain amount of smarts and the dog is certainly intelligent enough to track a person’s scent through the air. Adidog dog sweatshirt This makes the English Golden Retriever a wonderful watch dog. It is not entirely impossible to imagine this dog barking to keep the people out.

Another feature of this breed is their amazing ability to thrive in the water. They love to play and swim. They have webbed feet which makes it easy to move through the water when they are swimming. They deserve to be in the water and are not made to be left in it. Although they love to run they should never be allowed to become over excited. They will swim for miles just to try to keep the humans away.

Training English Golden Retrievers is a joy in itself. However, the ease with which they can learn makes it all the more necessary to really train them. They can become overweight fairly quickly; a few pounds at a time. If you don’t control their food intake you’ll find yourself with a fat dog.

Make sure they run several times a day in the early morning or evening. This is important: Even though they love water they have to consume it on a regular basis. The same can be said for exercise. These dogs need to have long walks on a regular basis or they will become unhealthy. The ideal schedule is one where they get exercise twice a day, three times in the day and it should take them 45 minutes to an hour to walk. This is especially important for the serious dog owners: They should have a regular schedule and they should be able to take them on regular walks to give them a good exercise.

The English Golden Retriever’s health is a serious issue when considering a purchase. They have a tendency to develop hip problems as well as congenital eye defects. When thinking of a Golden Retriever as your pet you need to remember the long list of possible diseases. It is recommended that you look over this with aense of care.

Overall speaking, Golden Retrievers make wonderful pets. They are easy to train and love to please their owners. They are tolerant and obedient and trust you to look after them. They have a distinctive coat that gives them their familiar loving look. They are easy to train and one of the best dogs you will ever own.

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